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You’re Invited!

PPI Open House & Product Demo

Saturday, May 18, 2019

10:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Shooter Training* - $55

PGI Certification** - $85

Fireworks Demo - Dusk


Please complete and return the Open House Registration Form by May 10.


In order to attend you must be:

The Open House is NOT open to the general public!

The viewing area for the fireworks demonstration is open to the public as well as participants. It is off of County Rd 1 just south of County Rd 5 by the first bend near Hystad Lake (Look for the orange cones at the driveway).

Postponement or Cancellation:

If there is a high potential for inclement weather or other adverse conditions, the Open House may be postponed or cancelled. A decision will be made by Noon on the Thursday before. Please check the website or call ahead  to be sure.


Written directions and maps are available online or call.

What to bring:

Please bring your personal protective clothing and equipment (Hard hat, ANSI rated safety glasses, ear protection, long sleeved cotton clothing, leather shoes or boots and gloves.)

Please dress appropriately for the conditions. Wear layers of clothing so you can modify your dress to the conditions. Be sure to bring a coat for potential wet or windy conditions too! 

We are on the windswept prairie and weather conditions can change quickly. The ground may be snow covered and/or muddy so you may want boots for the outdoor activities.

Special Note:

PPI adheres to a strict safety policy for all employees and guests!

You must sign in at the office to enter the plant and will only be allowed in permitted areas for supervised activities.


No matches, lighters vaporizers or smoking tobacco on your person - leave them in your vehicle.

* Includes: Food & beverages

** Includes: PGI Display Fireworks Operator Certification Study Guide, demonstration and test materials, and food & beverages

NOTE:  Travel expenses are NOT included.

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