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Precocious Pyrotechnics, Inc. (PPI) is a primary manufacturer of domestic display fireworks and pyrotechnic special effects. Modern factory equipment and methods are used with quality control monitored by a scientific laboratory to ensure the most brilliant colors and dynamic effects available anywhere.

PPI is one of the few US manufacturers that still make traditional Italian-American style shells and even exports to other countries! Only the best quality materials and methods are used and is why PPI fireworks are often used by discriminating display designers, including winners at the International Fireworks Competition in Montréal and the world's leading theme parks.

Precocious is a direct importer of some of the finest Chinese, Spanish, French, Taiwanese, Japanese, Australian and other display fireworks available. This combination of a wide variety and assortment of domestic and imported fireworks is unmatched on the market today.

PPI also supplies the same specialty paper and other goods it uses in making their products such as casings, cans, disks and twine for manufacturers and enthusiasts alike.

Domestic and imported isplay fireworks are available in full cases, split cases or assortments and can be shipped motor freight or picked up at the plant in central Minnesota. Large and special orders can be made or put together on a per quote basis.

PPI performs displays in Minnesota with our experienced crews of certified pyrotechnists. Display training and a demonstration is held every spring for operators who wish to perform their own shows in their own communities, or for sponsors who wish to see the latest fireworks, or government officials who want to learn more about fireworks.  

Here is a partial and general list of the many display fireworks available:

and too many other items to list here!

Domestic and imported display fireworks are only sold to companies, organizations and individuals with the appropriate and current Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) license(s) or permit(s) or exempt government departments or agencies (Must provide documentation). Paper and other non-energetic supplies do not require ATF licenses or permits.

We import a full line of consume fireworks for distributors and retailers in Minnesota and beyond too. Our volume buying direct from factories we tour can't be beat!

If you're an enthusiast in need of paper components or a pyrotechnist in need of gear for shows, PPI also carries one of the most complete lines of supplies, casings, mortars and machines available anywhere!

Please note: The use in Minnesota of display fireworks and any consume fireworks that explode or fly through the air requires an Operator certified by the MN State Fire Marshal and a local permit with pyrotechnician's liability insurance.


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